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Well here it is February 2015, I hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Years with their loved ones. My time in office has been flying by and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the last seven months. There’s been some bumps in the road but we have had fun through them all.

My core of officers have worked hard. Gambling is doing great, our donations are good, we are sending out funds on a regular basis. The Toro Corporation and the Post 1296 sent 25 Boxes of cookies to the 34Th Red Bulls in Kuwait for Christmas and gave 35 boxes of sundry items and snacks to the VA Hospital V.A.V.S. Programs. The Post is helping two grade schools with trips to Washington D.C. The schools are 7 Hills Academy and Bloomington Lutheran. We hope they have a lot of fun. The various sports team at the schools have benefitted from our donations and the community projects depend on our success also. We at the Post had a great kids Christmas Party. Santa and Mrs. Claus were truly key to the success of the party. They never disappoint us year after year. Fun was had by the Kids and Parents also.

Our Club room is doing very well. We are witness to business increases Wednesday thru Sunday and yes Monday and Tuesday it is somewhat of a different pace. But we attribute that to the improvement in the economy and people are working and we have made some changes in our pricing, happy hour, and special events. WE HOPE to see you all in the near future.

March will bring nomination of New Officers for the 2015-2016 year. I know everyone is thinking about who they would like to have run this post for the next year and I look forward to all your input. There is a lot to think about and please remember-PAST or FUTURE! We need to keep the current forward motion (successes) going in the right direction.

April brings the District meeting at the Post on Sat 18th. We may be changing our business hours that day, so look for the notices around the Post.

Election of Post Officers will commence April 20. Reminder: This is your post. COME and VOTE. Your Post Officers are the ones that will lead you into the “Future”.

Yours in comradeship,

Steve Enebo, Post Commander 2014-2015


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